Give a Marketer a comms tool, and they will put it to good use.

Marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with their target audience In the current space of technology, all eyes are trained on the increasing presence of artificial intelligence, and its far reaching influence across many fields of work, be they creative or scientific, there seems to be an answer for everything […]

Why you NEED to outsource your Marketing

Demand on small businesses to add digital marketing into the mix has meant in the last decade many have turned to outsourcing the entire function.  If you don’t currently have a marketing specialist in your team then outsourcing could be for you. However we urge people to proceed with caution, some businesses recruit graduates or […]

Colley Raine welcomes five new Associates

Colley Raine & Associates are delighted to welcome Lizzy Epsley, Leanne Goose, Emma Melville, Jim Andrews and Lisa Beaumont as new Associates to the group. They bring with them a wealth of experience to compliment the existing associate group and we look forward to you getting to know them more in the coming months.

Sarah Raine elected a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Sarah Raine, our Managing Director and Founder, was thrilled to be elected a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. A Prestigious accolade for a career dedicated to marketing. Then, we were beyond delighted to hear that Flic Roberts, Our Associate Director, was also elected a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in February. […]

Best Digital Marketing Consultancy for Small Businesses in West Kent 2020

Colley Raine & Associates are delighted to receive the Best Digital Marketing Consultancy for Small Businesses in West Kent 2020. Since we set up the agency in 2018, we have been delivering creative collateral, social media organic and paid campaigns, follower growth activity, e-marketing campaigns and analytics for our clients.

It’s worth nothing without evaluation and impact…

Attended a really interesting conference on 1 October run by The Cranfield Trust and The Fore about the value of fully understanding how you evaluate a campaign or new product. It’s about understanding the outputs (the products and services), the outcomes (the changes, learnings and effects they have) and the impact (the longer term effects […]

Vintage can be great …. the rise in old school Direct Marketing

As someone who worked in Direct Marketing during the boom years of the 90’s and a self-confessed data segmentation nerd, I have been watching the rising trend for businesses and charities to revert to quality, targeted direct mail with delight. It is one of the reasons I celebrate GDPR coming into effect, it has made […]

Will you be good at Christmas?

Interesting read – recommend this article on ways to support charities this Christmas showing some of the more alternative gifts you can give that can make a real difference and I was particularly pleased to see how much of every £1 goes directly to the cause. It looks like the administration and fundraising costs have […]